A Politician Dies And Goes To Heaven

A politician dies and goes to heaven.

Because he’s the first of his kind to reach the pearly gates, St. Peter
isn’t sure what to do, so he tells the guy to wait while he asks the boss.
St. Peter comes back and tells the politician, “The boss says you have to
spend a full day here and a full day in hell, then you have to choose
where to spend eternity.”

The politician says o.k., and decides to spend the first day in hell.
It’s GREAT – all his friends are there, there’s a great party going on,
cocktails, beautiful women… he has a wonderful time, and before he knows
it, his day is up and it’s time to go upstairs.

His day in heaven is pretty good too – so much fun that he again loses
track of time and the day goes by in a flash. and now it’s time to choose.

The politician tells St. Peter, “You may think i’m crazy, but i had more
fun in hell, all my friends are there, and I just think I’ll be happier

St. Peter says, “OK, fine by me, it’s your choice,” and the politician
goes back to hell.

But when the elevator doors open, it’s nothing but agony and misery,
lakes of fire, souls wailing in torment… the politician looks up at
satan and says, “But but but – I don’t understand, yesterday everything
was so cool and fun, what happened?”

Satan smiles down at him and says, “Well, yesterday was the campaign,
today you voted for us.”

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