Cat Breading – Memes from South Park Season 16, Episode 3

With Tebowing having quickly become passe, South Park introduced a new Internet meme to the world in Season 16 Episode 3: Cat Breading. And if you’re wondering what the hell that means, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Like planking, Tebowing, and other wildly overused memes, Cat Breading is derived from people posting funny/cute pictures of their cats on the Internet. We have no clue where Cat Breading originates, but it was made popular after South Park Season 16 Episode 3 aired. Credit goes to South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker for making the “Cat Breading” meme viral.

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Here’s how to bread your cat:

1) Take a piece of bread (If this is your first time, use a soft white bread. Experienced breaders will use rye or even multigrain.)

2) Cut a hole approximately 1 inch larger than your cat’s head. This trips some people up. Remember: the bread has to fit around the not just the cat’s head, but it’s ears, too.

3) Gently place the bread around your cat’s head.

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