I am pregnant with my Dad’s baby and we are so in love

I am pregnant with my Dad's baby and we are so in love - Sick Shit

In an interview, a father and daughter admitted that daughter expecting his child.

The pair were pictured smiling and hugging each other under the headline “I’m pregnant with my dad’s baby and we are so in love.”

If that isn’t splash material in a popular newspaper I really don’t know what is.

It was rightly billed as a world exclusive on the front page of the paper’s Irish edition, headlined “I’m having Daddy’s baby.”

But why was it not given the same treatment in the British edition?

For the record, it tells how a Dublin man, Garry Ryan, was 18 when his girlfriend fell pregnant. Her family wouldn’t let them marry, so he went off to the States and never saw the daughter.

The girl, Penny Lawrence, grew up and after her mother’s death she set out to find her missing father.

When they eventually met, reports The Sun’s Dulcie Pearce, they “both felt an immediate sexual attraction.”

She continues: “Within days they began an incestuous – and illegal – affair, though they each claim to be suffering from the psychological condition Genetic Sexual Attraction or GSA.”

Penny is 28 and Garry is 46, and they live as a couple. She is quoted as saying: “I’m in love with Garry and desperately want his baby. But we have agreed that if my three-month scan shows a birth defect, we will terminate the pregnancy.”

Well, in my day, that would have made it on to the front page. It’s a classic example of a story that is bound to get everyone talking.

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