Jason Terry was Right!

Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry was so confident his team would reach the NBA Finals this year, he had the trophy tattooed on his body before the season began! A day before a preseason game against the Magic, Terry’s teammate DeShawn Stevenson had a team gathering at his house in Orlando. In an attempt to build camaraderie between his teammates, he even invited both his own personal chef and his tattoo artist! Terry then proceeded to do the unimaginable – he got the Larry O’Brien championship trophy etched on his right bicep! All his teammates thought he was crazy at the time, even Stevenson, but Terry had a funny feeling that this year’s team was destined for great things.

It turns out he was right, as the Mavs just defeated the Miami Heat 105-95 to clinch the NBA Championship! The series is a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals, in which the Mavericks were defeated by the Heat. Terry and Dirk Nowitzki are the only two players who remain from that year’s squad. Making good on his word, Jason had a large impact on the final game of the series, scoring 24 points off the bench!

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