[VIDEO] Man walks across Niagara Falls on tightrope

Nik Wallenda has safely and successfully crossed Niagara Falls on a 1800-foot highwire strung high above the raging waters, a historic achievement for the American aerialist.

Wallenda, who hails from a long line of high-wire artists — several of whom have died during performances — started from the U.S. side at 10:15 p.m. ET and completed it in about 25 minutes.

He took steady steps for most of his journey but ran the last few paces, with his safety tether trailing behind him. The daredevil was greeted on the Canadian side by two border agents, who welcomed him to the country and inspected his passport.

“I’m not carrying anything over, I promise,” a tired but happy Wallenda told the customs agents.

During his crossing, Wallenda spoke to his father through a headset and even took questions from ABC broadcasters as he made his way across the specially installed cable, which was about 550 metres long and roughly five centimetres wide.

Weather conditions were generally good, but mist swirled around Wallenda in some areas along the wire.

“The mist was so thick, so challenging, those winds hit me from every which direction, was definitely more than I expected for sure,” Wallenda said, moments after reaching the Canadian side.

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